Friday, May 26, 2017

Book Review: The Vicious Deep by Zoraida Córdova

Well, What Can I say this was my second go round and I still love this book and I'm so glad that I decided to reread it sooner than later.

This book follows Tristian who learns that he's a Merman and while internally freaking out also thinks why couldn't he be something less girly like a werewolf. I like his sense of humor in face of learning that he's something not human.

But of all the creatures in my mom's fairy-tale books, she had to go and be the girliest? Come on!

I feel like he came out on the chill side of things while learning what he was but he still had the right amount of WTF is happening here panicky feelings. Overall I feel like he was just excited to learn about his other side of the family and connecting with them.

Then there's Kurt and Thalia who are a brother and sister duo who kind of helped him with his journey into this new world. Kurt is stiff but likable and I feel like he has a dry sense of humor. While his sister Thalia is just so interested in everything in this new environment and is slightly adorable in her innocence where this new environment is concerned at least.

There there's Layla who is Tristian's best friend from childhood and she's stubborn and loyal and won't quit until she finds out what's going on with her best friend.

Now she and Tristian have a "will they or won't they" type of vibe going on, BUT this leads to some irritating and oh please STOP conversations and actions which I felt was the worse this book had to offer and the only thing that really irritated me about this book.

There are some other characters I liked, but I'll let you met them yourselves but they were all very interesting their own right.

Overall I felt like this was an excellent start to the journey Tristian is on. We get to spend time with him, his family and his friends and see what drives him forward and many seeds were planted that I'm excited to see grow. I loved the author's writing style. Her turn of phrase and descriptions were poetry like in this book and I just wanted to highlight everything and I look forward to seeing how it all turns out.

The magic hums in my veins, wanting to be released, craving water the way I also crave air, and I wonder if one of those needs is ever going to be greater than the other.
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