Thursday, May 15, 2014

Book Review: Cain's Blood by Geoffrey Girard

(After finishing Project Cain (which I loved and reviewed - the link will be below), I of course needed to know more. I specifically wanted to know more of the gory details and this adult version Cain’s Blood provided those aspects.

For those of you who don't know Cain's Blood & Project Cain are companion novels, and take place at the same time but through different points of view. Project Cain is a young adult novel, and tended to not get into too much of the gory details. On the other side, Cain's Blood is an adult novel and doesn't shy away from these things as much.

I won’t be spoiling either of these books in this review (in my opinion) so you may read on.

Now while in Project Cain we followed the story of the government cloning infamous serial killers and what they wanted to do with them. In this novel the government raised these clones in different environments and situations, in order to learn more about Nature vs Nurture. In Project Cain we saw everything solely through the eyes of one of the clone's of Jeffrey Dhamer.
In this book, Cain’s Blood, we get a far more reaching view of the events taking place.

We get to see the point of views of the victims, various clones, various scientist, and of course the higher ups. Mainly though we see things from Shawn Castillos point of view, who was hired to capture six runaway clones who are currently on a murder spree.

I enjoyed being in Castillos head and seeing what his thoughts and interpretations were going through his mind. He's a former black op's agent who thought he's seen everything, and was sure in his beliefs. He had come to terms with some of the things the government does in order to insure the safety of his country, but in this novel he starts to question a few things.

We follow him as he and the clone he found (who is not part of the runaway six) embark on a cross country journey and find that there are even bigger secrets that neither had imagined.

Now this is an adult novel and in Project Cain, while certain things were alluded to here, we get all the gory details so if your not okay with that then just read Project Cain.

In the end I gave this a 5/5 stars because loved his his writing style and I hope to read more by this author one day.