Saturday, July 20, 2013

Book Review: Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey

 Wow, Where to start? The Cover Perhaps?  I personally love it, and it actually has something to do with the book *Gasp* who would have thought that would be possible these days.

Moving on,

This book is about Braden a 17 year old boy who has a rare, legendary power that he calls "Witch Eyes". Witch Eye's give's a person the ability to see the world unfiltered. They can and I Quote: "Soak up everything like a sponge, See everything that ever happened in a place, to a person". There's more to the power but I think you guys got the point.

Braden who lives with his Uncle John, sets off by himself to learn more about his past and it land him in the City of Belle Dam. Where he is caught between two feuding witch families. Catherine Lansing and Jason Thorpe.

Braden who is revealed to Jason's son has been crushing on this boy Trey who turns out to be Catherine son. 

 Romeo and Juliet? We can only hope that their fates wont be as tragic. Especially considering Braden may be destined to kill him.

Moving on once again.

With all the lies, manipulation, and secrets going on. Who will come up on top? and Who is the driving force behind it all? Read to find out.

Braden: Is always on the going from the first moment he sets foot in this town. He wants to find out why he's drawn to this town and doesn't let much, Except from Trey, distract him from his goal. I liked that because I felt that characters forget how much danger they're in and do incredibly stupid and sloppy things. I didnt feel that way with Braden.

Uncle John: He raised Braden but his secrets are vast and I we only see the tip of the ice berg where his character is concerned. I would love to find out more about him in the future.

Trey: I like him and didn't like him all at once.Misguided fool.

There are of course a few more characters but I'll let you guys read and find them out for yourself.

 I like the fact that while's there's romance its not the center of the story.Though I do hope for more romance in the future but I don't want a "Love Triangle" of any kind.
Overall I loved this book  and I didnt give any ppoilers despite what it may seem like. It was an easy and faced paced read. I give it a 4/5 stars and I look forward to the 2 sequels.