Thursday, April 3, 2014

Book Review: Project Cain by Geoffrey Girard

This story follows Jeff Jacobson who's life is torn apart when his father sits him down and tell him he's a clone of Jeffrey Dahmer someone hes never heard of before now but he's apparently one of the most infamous series killer and then his father leaves him with a thousand dollars and drives away leaving him completely alone.

Now for the whole story were in Jeff's head and and we see everything through his eyes and we see him struggle with the knowledge of how he came into this life, his relationship with his father who just happened to be one of the scientist who made him and Shawn Castillo who works for DSTI the company behind his unusual birth.

While in the start I wasn't much of a fan of Jeff. Couldn't stand some of his decisions but since I've never been in such a situation what do I know.

 I ended up empathizing with him and what he was going through. I worried for his sanity though.
Kind of hard not to as we journey along and watch him struggle about who he is and if his genes will determine who he supposed to be.

For this book the only other person we really meet is Castillo who is hired to track down 6 runaway clones.

Now Castillo seems nice enough I guess but since this is from Jeff's Point of view we mostly have to guess from his interactions with Jeff what type of person he is and we don't fully know what hes motives are where Jeff is concerned.

Which is why I'm glad there's a Companion novel from Castillo's point of view.(Which I ordered soon after reading this)

Now there was a lot serial killer name dropping. Some we were given more details on. Others not so much. We mostly get backgrounds about the who the runaway clones DNA came from.

Nature Vs Nurture. This is part of the reason Jeff and various other clones were made in the first place.
 Even as he makes his own choices goes though his own up's and downs will his genetic's determine what he will become?

I gave this books 5/5 stars I really enjoyed this novel it was a quick fast read and I look forward to seeing things from Costillo's Pont of view.

Let me know if you've read it and what your thoughts are or if you plan to pick it up anytime soon.

P.S. I read the first Chapter aloud if you would like to listen:
Fragmented #5 - Project Cain by Geoffrey Girard:

P.S.S. I plan to do a video review of Project Cain & Cain's Blood Hopefully sometime soon
Here's my YouTube Channel where it will uploaded to.