Monday, August 26, 2013

Most Wanted: Cruel Beauty & Stoker

Most Wanted:The Movies's, Books, & T.V. Shows That Will give me the FEELS!!!

So welcome to a new segment on my blog where I'm going to be telling you some of the things that I'm most excited for and want to get. Basically my wishlist. Some of the stuff will be already out and some will have yet to be released. Lets get started.

The 1st thing l'm excited for is:

Cruel Beauty By Rosamund Hodge:

This book is about Nyx a girl who has been betrothed since birth to the evil ruler of her kingdom. In order to escape her faith she plans to seduce and then kill him, which would break the 900 hundred year old curse he placed on her people, but she never planned on liking or even loving him.

I can't wait for this book, it seems like quite a conundrum and I would love to see how it's resolved.

  -For full synopsis check out:



The 2nd Thing is:

Stoker ft. Mia Wasikowska,Nicole Kidman, and Matthew Goode.

Following the death of her father India's uncle Charlie comes to live with her and her mother. 

You can check out the Trailer Here. I decided to go with the first one because the other trailers give more away.

This Movie seems like it's going to a psychological thriller of sorts. I can't wait to see it. It's currently already out.
You can find the movie here on DVD & Blu-Ray:

So these are just two of the things that I'm excited for. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and let me know. Also tell me what are some of things your excited for?

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